Notice 1069Boys Frequently Asked Questions. [Update 04/08/2020]


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Q:Unzip password?
Q:Why the extraction password is wrong?
A:Please extract the file with Bandizip. Even its display wrong password, the file storage platform still can extract the file out.
Q:Why can't I watch online videos?
A:The problem might come from streaming service provider; I can watch them.
Q:567pan Links can’t download, why?
A:Sorry, we are not the cloud owner; we can’t solve these problem such as 'their upload speed slow' and etc... We suggest you to download with other links.
Q:why new file has no 567pan address? New!!!
A:567pan reduced the largest single file size from 4GiB to 2GiB, so we won't use it any longer.
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I’m amazed by the forum. Normally I will go to the cn1069 for resource downloading, this new forum is however much better than that one. Thank the developers!


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Hi! Admin, may i request if you can upload also G-BOT-Boyslab of those model is now i like..aww, looking forward to ur post! Thanks